What’s this all about?

Walk down a few blocks within the city of Toronto, and you are almost guaranteed to pass by a building development site. In an ever developing city like Toronto, I often walk by buildings, dilapidated and not, one day only to be met by a gaping hole in that very spot the next day. A new independent restaurant? A coffee shop? A community centre? No. A condo.

This blog delves into the history of buildings that have been demolished and replaced with mixed-use developments. The blog will also look at buildings slated to be restructured or demolished, and buildings that have withstood the test of time in a rapidly evolving city. I ruminate on the shifting experiences city-dwellers may have within particular spaces. I mostly provide personal anecdotes of particular neighbourhoods and buildings, and sprinkle in researched historical information.

I completed a Masters degree in Applied Cultural Analysis at Lund University, Sweden. When I returned from Sweden two years later, I was surprised at how much the city skyline had changed. Two years is a long time in the urban development realm. Having focused my thesis on cycling transportation and urban mobility, I came back to Toronto with a hyper-awareness directed towards urban planning and social interactions (or lack of) within spaces.

So, if you’re a seasoned planner or a budding one, a history buff or live-in-the-now-don’t-look-back type, an architect or a demolition foreman, or you’re just here for the comments…welcome!

Join me while I pay homage to the lost buildings of Toronto.